Welcome to the Monsoon Team! We already know that many of you are going to display awesome actions throughout the year. These actions might be as small as picking up something a classmate drops, or may be as big as inviting a new student to sit with you at lunch. Each month we will take time to recognize these positive actions many of which you won't know we witnessed. At this time you will learn what it means to be places on the A.R.K
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Email Contacts

The entire team communicates homework through the Aspen student and parent portal in addition to having each student record it during the class.  Students and parents may access the portal by clicking the red circle below.

Some teachers communicate additional information or provide additional opportunities through their classroom websites.  If the teacher has an additional site, you will find it below.  If it is a google classroom, only the student may login to see the class site.

Mrs. Domitrz
Mr. Stith
Mrs. Soares