Healthy Snack Assortment

for something to eat?  How about a healthy snack?

Students from Mrs. Parcell's and Mrs. Salvatore's 7th and 6th Grade Computer classes became taste testers for a variety of healthy snacks.

After students tasted a snack, they filled out a form which asked them whether or not they liked the snack as well as whether or not we should purchase the snack.

Check back often...we are in the process of sending out orders for the other snacks.

Here is what is currently available to purchase at The Storm Center:

Strawberry Amazin' Raisins $1.00  Strawberry Amazin Raisin
Sour Lemon Raisins $1.00  Sour Lemon Amazin Raisin
Sour Watermelon Raisins $1.00  Sour Watermelon Amazin Raisin