In 6th and 7th grade Computer Education class is designed to provide an understanding of Microsoft Office applications. Students will learn about the basic components of a computer as well as the ethical, cultural and societal issues related to them. In addition, students will learn the many aspects of the internet as well as create many forms of multi-media presentations that integrate with content areas.

In 8th grade students can choose to take a creative technology and media class or a Technology Education class that focuses on computer drafting and using power tools to create woodworking projects.

  • Creative Technology and Media - Explore many aspects of technology including photography, sound recording and editing, video production, graphic arts and animation. Utilizing the college and career ready skills of problem solving, critical thinking and collaboration, students will create innovative products using these many new and current media.


  • Technology Education -  The two areas studied at this grade level are woodworking and computer drafting. The program emphasizes development of specific skills, importance of safety awareness, following directions and the ability to proceed independently as students progress through the manufacturing stages of design, production, assembly, and finishing.

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