In 6th  grade, the  Computer Education class focuses on the 21st - century skills of collaboration, communication, and critical thinking, and creativity. Students utilize Microsoft Office and Google Suite applications. Unties include Digital Citizenship, Internet Safety, and Coding and incorporate project-based and authentic learning experiences and are based on the International Society for Technology in Education Standards for Students. 

In 7th grade, students are introduced to Computer Science. They learn some basic coding using Bitsbox and Project Lead the Way. They practice diagramming and annotating their code. They also explore a variety of jobs available in the field. They learn what makes a computer a computer. Additionally, they will use Google-Sketch Up which allows them to draw in 3D. It is an basic introduction that will hopefully motivate students to pursue more coursework at the high school level. 

In 8th grade students can choose to take a creative technology and media class or a Technology Education class that focuses on computer drafting and using power tools to create woodworking projects.

  • Creative Technology and Media -This twelve week course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to explore a variety of forms of technology and media. Students work in small groups and delve into units on photography, sound recording, and editing, video production, and animation. As a class, students will focus on the competencies of creativity and innovation , communication and collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, and technology operations. These skills will be applied through skill-building activities, projects, presentations and sharing sessions. 


  • Technology Education -  The two areas studied at this grade level are woodworking and computer drafting. The program emphasizes development of specific skills, importance of safety awareness, following directions and the ability to proceed independently as students progress through the manufacturing stages of design, production, assembly, and finishing.

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