Welcome to the Tsunami Team at LMS! 
Ride the Wave

Our goal as sixth grade Tsunami team is to promote successful learners who are using our year together to gain skills to be independent and reflective. To that end, we use an interdisciplinary model of team teaching with a strong focus on literacy across the content areas. As it is the first year of middle school, we realize that sixth grade can be a challenging time. Because of a desire to assist our students through the transition to secondary school, we work greatly on the following: team building, organization, time management, and self-advocating skills. Tsunamis are all about kindness, respectfulness and responsibility.

                                               Tsunami Team Teachers
                                                      *Click on link to email teacher
                                                                          Ms. Laliberte - Social Studies
                                                                           Mrs. Kelly - English                                                                            Mr. Phillips - Math                                                                            Ms. Shissler - Science                                                                            Mrs. Peirce - Reading                                                                           Mr. Blake - Case Coordinator                                                                            Ms. Logan - Health                                                                                                                                               Mrs. Salvatore - Computers   Ms. Pelletier - Art                                                                   

Students and parents should be checking X2  (Aspen) on a regular basis. In addition to current grades, you may also view  nightly homework postings,  important class announcements, and access posted documents.

Tsunami Extra Help 2022/2023