5th Grade - Move-Up Day T-Shirts



Move-Up Day this year will take place on Tuesday, June 4th!  At Londonderry Middle School, we work hard at building school spirit through great sports, clubs, and activities such as The Storm Center, our school store!  

Because you are our NEW SIXTH GRADERS, we’d like to give you the chance to show some school spirit on
Move-Up Day!  Celebrate the transition from elementary school to middle school by ordering a Move-Up Day T-Shirt!  

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Orders must be placed by
Monday, May 6thPayment is accepted either in Cash or by Check (payable to The Storm Center – Londonderry Middle School). 

Speaking of the school store, why not checkout what we have currently have for sale at
The Storm Center by going to our website: 


Don’t forget…Wear your Move-Up Day t-shirt on Tuesday, June 4th!  

We look forward to you joining us next August!  

The Students and Staff from The Storm Center