Welcome to the Monsoon Team!

On the Monsoon team, we are very big into being KIND!  We already know that many of you are going to display kindness throughout the year. These actions might be as small as picking up something a classmate drops, or may be as big as inviting a new student to sit with you at lunch. Each month we will take time to recognize these positive actions many of which you won't know we witnessed. At this time you will learn what it means to be placed on the A.R.K


Students and parents are asked to check X2 (Aspen) regularly to monitor grades.  Teachers update every two weeks if not more.  If you have a question about a grade, the student should be the one to email or approach a teacher. 

All Monsoon students are to use their assignment notebooks on a daily basis.  Monsoon teachers will stamp, circle or initial in a box if an assignment is missing.  This is real-time communication as to work completion.

Monsoon Teachers:

Mrs. Walden- Social Studies       

Ms. Seskes - English   

Mrs. Fichera - Math        

Mr. Stith - Science        

Ms. Bellew - Reading 

Mrs. Salvatore - Computers

Mrs. Fraser - Art            

Mrs. Logan - Health  

Mrs. Garofano- Case Manager

Teacher Websites:

Mr. Stith