Ms. Lacharite

General Information

Speech and Language Services at the Middle School are provided in a variety of settings based on a child's specific needs. In the Speech and Language Department, we pride ourselves on being flexible. We work with the student, teams, programs and parents in order to integrate services across the curriculum. Services are provided within the classroom setting whenever possible, with us working in a wide variety of classes. Therapeutic classes have also been created in order to provide more intensive strategy training and skill development. Students may also receive services outside of the classroom individually or in a small group based on need. 

Evaluations are completed every three years for students who are identified with a speech and language impairment in order to establish current skill levels. This testing is used for planning or programming development. If you suspect that your student might be having difficulties in the classroom due to a communication impairment, you can contact the Special Education Department to determine if an evaluation is indicated.

I can be reached at 432-6925 ext 3217 or through [email protected]. I welcome any questions, concerns or any added insight you might have.


Erin M. Lacharite, MS, CCC-SLP/L458


Therapeutic Class Information

Each year the specialized classes offered change based on the students and their needs. The Language Concepts classes are taught by Kara Menken and myself. This curriculum mixes Language Arts and Social Studies concepts together in a language rich environment. The classes evolve based on the changing curriculum and the IEP needs of the students within the classes. They provide a unique opportunity to weave language and literacy goals with Social Studies concepts. Social skill development and technology are also integrated within the classroom.