Job Opportunities

Interested in working at The Storm Center?

There are openings for Shift Managers, Cashiers, Security, Order Clerks, Receiving Clerks, Accountants, and Advertising Reps.

Here are the job descriptions:

Shift Managers

  • In charge of the store during their scheduled shifts
  • Supervises employees in their duties
  • Provides advice and customer assistance when needed
  • Monitors equipment and stock to maintain a safe, clean environment
  • Performing cash management tasks, including counting money at end of shift


Responsible for:

  • conducting sales
  • making change
  • keeping a record of each transaction



  • a visible presence at store entrances/exits
  • alleviates theft
  • maintaining a safe and secure environment for associates and customers

Order Clerk

  • Responsible for coordinating inventory and creating lists of items to be ordered. 
  • Talks to other store employees as well as students and staff to identify which items would sell well and keeps an online “wish list” based on these items.
  • Orders will be reviewed by teacher before submitting.  Once approved, Order Clerk places order and makes copies of every order sent.  

Receiving Clerk

  • Checks what is received against the order that was placed to insure that everything ordered was received.
  • Once everything is verified, clerk puts away supplies.


  • Keeps track of store income and expenses.
  • Uses Google Sheets to update sales and expense records.
  • Keeps all receipts and is responsible for recording deposits.

Advertising Reps
Identify ways to increase public awareness of the store.

This includes: 

  • designing posters/flyers
  • hanging posters/flyers throughout the building
  • read advertising copy for morning announcements
  • writes posts for Storm Center Twitter Feed

Applications will be available at the Storm Center and outside Mrs. Salvatore's & Mrs. Roy's rooms.

Applicants will be contacted by either Mrs. Salvatore or Mrs. Roy for an interview.

Jobs Available