School Supplies

Here are just a few of the current school supplies available to purchase.

We also have binders, Assignment Notebooks, Sketch Books, and much more. We carry the items that were on your team's supply list.

New items will be added don't miss out!

Dash .7MM Mechanical Pencil $0.75  Dash .7MM Mechanical Pencil

Fruit-Scented Non-Sharpening Pencil
$0.25  Fruit Scented NonSharpening Pencil

Inferno Pencil $0.25  Inferno Pencils
Miles O'Smiles Pencil $0.75  Miles OSmiles Pencils
Lil Mechanical Pencil $0.50  Lil Mechanical Pencil
Mechanical Pencil Refills $0.50 Mechanical Pencil Refills

Wacky Whiffs Gummy Bear Scented Pencils
 $0.25  Wacky Whiffs Gummy Bear Scented Pencil


Fidget Eraser Spinner
$1.00  Fidget Eraser Spinner
Smart Phone Eraser
 $0.50  Smart Phone Eraser

Snack Attack 3D Scented Eraser
 $0.25  Snack Attack 3D Scented Eraser

Sports Ball Eraser
$0.50  Sports Ball Eraser


Confidential Secret Decoder Spy Pen
$1.50   ConfidentialSecretDecoderSpyPen
Dual Color Study Buddy Pen & Highlighter $1.00   Dual Color Study Buddy Pencil

Unicorn Plush Pen
 $1.50  Unicorn Plush Pen
Error-Free Erasable Gel Pen $1.00 Error Free Erasable Gel Pen

Dual ID Pencil Sharpener & Eraser $1.25 Dual Pencil Sharpener & Eraser 
Nose Pencil Sharpener $0.50  Nose Pencil Sharpener


Little Bitz Scented Highlighter
 $0.25  Little Bitz Scented Highlighter

Polish It Highlighter
$0.50   Polish It Highlighter

Sweeteez Scented Highlighter
$0.50  Sweeteez Scented Highlighter

Dual Color Study Buddy Pen & Highlighter $1.00 Dual Color Study Buddy Pencil
Dual Color Study Buddy Pen & Highlighter $1.00 Dual Color Study Buddy Pencil