Spirit Sticks

I Go Bananas for Spirit Sticks


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What are Spirit Sticks?
Spirit Sticks are the best student rewards ever!  They are small embroidered patches you display on your backpack.

Spirit Ring with Spirit SticksHow do you earn Spirit Sticks?
Some ways you can earn them are:  good grades, good attendance, participation, great behavior, and much more!

Where do you display your Spirit Sticks?
You will receive a special Storm Spirit Ring to attach to your backpack.

Starting the week of October 1st, The Storm Center will be selling a variety of Spirit Sticks (Cost: $1) and Spirit Monkeys (Cost: $8).  Some will be a part of our Candy Grams. 

PARENTS:  We are offering 2 different Parent Packs.  Each Parent Pack has 10 different embroidered Spirit Sticks (Cost: $10 per pack).  There is a limited quantity available.  If you would like to place an order, please click here.

Here is what is we have available in our store:

Birthday Cupcake - Spirit Monkey Birthday Cupcake Monkey  I Love Dogs  I Love Dogs - Spirit Stick
Birthday Present - Spirit Monkey  Birthday Present - Spirit Monkey I Love Pizza  I Love Pizza - Spirit Stick
Braces  Braces - Spirit Sticks I Love Sports Variety  I Love Sports Variety - Spirit Stick
Cheerleader - Spirit Monkey
 Cheerleader - Spirit Monkey Ice Cream Cone  Ice Cream Cone - Spirit Stick
Football Variety
 Football - Variety I'm a Good Friend  I'm a Good Friend - Spirit Stick
Happy Birthday - Candles
 Happy Birthday Candles - Spirit Stick Parent Pack 1*
(sold only to parents)
 Parent Pack 1 - Spirit Sticks
Happy Birthday - Cupcake
 Happy Birthday Cupcake Parent Pack 2*
(sold only to parents)
 Parent Pack 2 - Spirit Sticks
Happy Valentine's Day
 Happy Valentine's Day Popcorn  Popcorn - Spirit Stick
 Hockey - Spirit Stick Sock it to Cancer  Sock it to Cancer - Spirit Stick
I Love Cats
 I Love Cats - Spirit Stick Until All the Pieces Fit  Until All the Pieces Fit - Spirit Stick
I Love Cookies
 I Love Cookies - Spirit Stick Wipeout Diabetes  Wipe Out Diabetes - Spirit Stick
I Love Dancing
 I Love Dancing - Spirit Stick World's Best Siblings  World's Best Siblings - Spirit Stick