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Welcome to Londonderry Middle School

In-Person & Remote Learning

2020 – 2021

“A Smile Behind Every Mask”

Date: December 1, 2020

As we begin remote learning this week, your child will be entering a renewed learning environment much different than they experienced last spring. One of the significant highlights is the amount of time teachers devoted to preparing students in advance. Your child’s teachers did a lot of front loading with students, so they were comfortable and familiar with classroom expectations, how to follow their schedule, and the importance of arriving on time for class and be prepared to learn. I encourage and want to stress to all of our parents, please do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s teacher if you have questions or concerns along the way. Listed below are the school counselors and administrative team to support our families throughout the school year.
William Van Bennekum, Principal
Administrative Team
Ross McLean, Assistant Principal, Grade 7&8
Dave Sutherland, Assistant Principal Grade 6 & LMS Year-Long Remote School
Annie Collacchi, Curriculum Coordinator Grades 6 – 8
Joan Campo, Special Education Director Grades 6 – 8
School Counselors
Sharon McCarthy Grade 6
Kate Denby Grade 7
Heather Newman Grade 8

The Music Schedule
In preparation for the 2020 – 2021 school year, many adjustments were made to the school schedule to open an in-person and remote option. These adjustments focused mainly on implementing COVID-19 safety protocols. As a result, the music schedule was adjusted to meet all of our students' needs and maintain an exceptional music program that could be woven into a 6-day rotating schedule. The result is a rotation of classes that allows students to access the entire academic & related arts program. The music schedule was designed to encompass a 90-minute block of time (2-periods) every six days that rotates between reading and a PE block of time.

The best way to help navigate the music schedule is to review this with your child. All of our students have been following this complex rotation since the school's opening and do a great job recognizing the day their team has music. To also assist, we include the day and music day (team) in the announcements each morning. This is also posted on our website on the left side under the calendar.

LMS Remote PE “A great time to step away & play.”
The LMS PE department has put together a comprehensive and fresh look at staying fit and active during remote learning. Classes are presented in several formats, from using the google classroom hosting live activities with students or having students exercise independently to keep fit physically. Your child will meet live with their teacher throughout the week and should check-in on the days they have PE class. This will allow the teachers to provide any additional instruction and to ensure students are recording their activities. The overall goal is to keep them active and energized throughout the day, keeping in mind the educational monthly theme created by the PE Department. Please support and encourage your child to remain active, especially as the weather begins to turn cold, and make a conscientious effort to reinforce time to “step away.” If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s physical education teacher.

Important Dates
Friday December 4 End of the first trimester
Monday December 7 New related arts classes begin
Monday December 14 Report cards posted in Aspen

Barnes & Noble’s Bookfair for Londonderry Middle School
Purchase books and mention Londonderry Middle School throughout the week
See the website for details
Week of November 30 – December 4
Manchester Barnes & Noble 741 S. S Willow St.

Internet Safety Tips for Students and Parents
Staying safe and up to date with today’s technology is a never ending challenge for parents, especially during remote learning.
Internet safety tips for parents:
 Take time to learn from your children about how they use technology
 Set up ground rules and consequences
 Set time limits for technology
 Use parental control software
 Examine your children’s social networking accounts
 Identify who your children communicate with
 Explain to your children why privacy settings are so important
 Limit the amount of apps allowed to view your children’s location
 Establish device/screen free family time (dinner, bedtime, lunchtime, etc.)
Tips for Kids:
 Never share personal information
 Never share pictures you don’t want the entire world to see
 Do not communicate with strangers
 Do not share your passwords
 Do not anonymously post on anyone’s sites or pages
 Do not share other people’s contact information
 If something goes wrong, tell a trusted adult immediately
For more information and help with online safety, check out
Technology can be useful and positive as well. Here are some helpful/positive apps:
 Stop, Think, Breathe
 Mindfulness Bell
 Calm
 Unwind
 Headspace
 Mind Body Machine
 Smiling Mind
 Balanced -Goals & Habits
 Good Habit Maker
 MindShift