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Friday, September 18, 2020

Dear Parents & Guardians,

            As we embark on this new educational journey, we remain committed to the communication process.  If your child attends LMS either in-person or remotely, we recognize the importance of relaying meaningful and accurate information promptly.  At this point and under these circumstances, I will continue to use this Parent Information format.

PSAT Grade 8

On Wednesday, October 14th, Grades 8- 11 will be administering the PSAT suite of tests. This test will only be administered in person, and 8th and 9th graders will be taking the PSAT8/9 at LMS. Busses will drop off and pick up students at the middle school, and students will be released midday or after completing the test. Those students who require extra time will ride the regularly scheduled bus home. Students will be fed a grab and go lunch.

If your child is remote and wants to take the test, they will have to come to the middle school to do so.  The test cannot be given off-site. We will keep all children in cohorts and establish a cohort for the remote students.  We ask that all parents of remote 8th graders fill out the form below to indicate whether your child will or will not be attending that day.  Only remote students who have been entered on this form by 9/24/20 will take the assessment due to the need to order tests.

Grade 6 and 7 Students

On Wednesday, October 14th, Grades 6 and 7 will be on a remote schedule. They will not be attending school in the building.  Because of the above-mentioned testing schedule, students will be learning from home. Teachers will be sending out more information about what their day will look like, what work will be expected from them, and how students will be interacting with them that day. The intent of this early notification is for your planning purposes.

The LMS. Website

The current LMS website is designed to be a useful tool for parents to access information about the school and provide links to updates and changes.  We recognize the need to "clean up" and better organize the website to be more student and parent-friendly.  As we move forward, this is an area we recognize needs to be addressed to assist in the communication process.  In the current format, there does exist important links and up-to-date information that is available to all parents.  Our goal is to have this completed within the next few weeks.  We appreciate your patience.

Remote Music Program

The remote music program will consist of a band and orchestra offering for those students who have indicated they would like to participate.  These particular programs are a valuable component of the middle school experience. We are working to create a schedule and time that aligns with the remote plan.  We remain committed to providing the best possible opportunity for our remote music students to access.  Once we have a confirmed schedule, we will contact those students immediately.  We appreciate your patience in this process.

Interim School Counselor

Welcome, Ms. Chelsie Rogers, the seventh-grade interim school counselor, who is working closely with our staff to assist students.  Ms. Rogers is excited to be a part of the LMS staff and is right at home working with middle school students.  Ms. Rogers is a NH certified school counselor and a graduate of Rivier University.

Remote & Grade Level Assemblies

Each year, Mr. Sutherland (Grade 6) and Mr. McLean (Grades 7&8), the two assistant principals, welcome and meet with each grade level to review school procedures and expectations for middle school.  These meetings will be held throughout the week of September 21 - 25.  The grade level meetings will occur during the student's “Get SET" time and done remotely with the class. A few topics to be covered:

  • Commending the students for a great first two weeks
  • Reviewing the safety procedures, particularly lunch and breakfast
  • The typical expectations in middle school
  • Praise for their teachers
  • Student Q&A

Student Drop Off

Drop off in the morning has been improving each day.  With a few more tweaks, we can continue to improve the process.

  • Prior to 7:20, park in the parking lot.
  • Have your student be ready to exit the vehicle quickly.
  • As soon as you are at a stop on the curb, release your student.
  • If you turn onto the campus and the line of cars is to the parking lot entrance, turn into the parking lot to the driving lane closest to the school to drop off your student.


School Pictures " Smile Without Your Mask"

Students will be taking school pictures on September 29th & 30th.  We will offer our remote students extended time on Wednesday, September 30, from 4:00 – 6:00 in the afternoon, so please mark your calendar.  The details regarding the location and set-up will be coming soon.


We have successfully started the fall athletic program; practices are underway as the game schedule is finalized.  This year will be a modified year regarding the number of games being played, and attendance protocols will be released to all parents next week through the high school athletic department.


The middle school plans to offer a modified co-curricular program for those students interested in joining a club or an after-school activity.  The first step is making the students aware of those activities and clubs available, having safety protocols for the activity in place, establishing the date and times for meetings, and providing students the time to sign-up.  In the past, we have made morning announcements, and students made plans to attend.  This year is a different process, as some clubs and activities may have to make adjustments.  More information and details will be provided to the students in the coming weeks. 


If you are interested in joining the LMS PTO or would like more information, you can reach them through Facebook or

Lunch Safety Protocols

We have set aside extra time for students to eat and socialize while at lunch.  However, this is also an area of vulnerability, especially since students are not wearing a mask.  We emphasize daily the importance of taking your time to eat, not engaging in conversation, and therefore limiting the chance of respiratory droplets being spread.  Once students have finished eating, they must put their masks back on to have a quiet conversation with those at their table.  If they choose to sit quietly, read, and not participate in a discussion, they may keep their masks off. These new cafeteria protocols have been useful, adding a layer of protection necessary to keep everyone healthy.  

Open House  

            We are planning a version of an open house and currently seeking input from our faculty and staff to find a creative format that we can offer to our parents.  We do not have a set date but will work around the other district schools to avoid the same date and time. Once we have set a date, we will send out a notification with more details.