Selling up a storm!

Selling up a STORM!
Posted on 10/30/2018
Storm Center


Students at LMS are busy applying their skills learned in math and computers class to stock, market, and sell, items in the newly updated STORM CENTER store. The store is open during school lunches and on Friday mornings as well as during special events.  Come check it out during Parent Conferences!

Students apply and interview for the job openings of their choice.  These include positions such as Shift Manager, Cashier, Accountant and Advertising Representative.  These real-life positions bring new meaning to the POP skills that they are working on in all class and the concepts they are studying in their content classes.

It is our hope that we can continue to expand the ways we give our learners voice in our school community and create even more genuine experiences such as this one that prepares them for the life choices ahead of them.