Special Education

Joan Campo
Special Education Program Director
(603) 432-6925 x3002
Amanda Norton Laporte
Special Education Administrative Assistant
(603) 432-6925 x3001


Provision of special education services is a collaborative effort between regular and special education staff. The objective is to assist students so that they will learn the strategies, techniques, and skills to enable them to learn independently within the expectations of the general education curriculum.   All students are included in the regular classroom setting as much as possible at the middle school. Special education students who require academic assistance receive support through their regular classes from the classroom teacher and special education case manager.   Team taught opportunities which offer smaller class sizes and cooperative teaching between a regular educator and special educator are available at each grade level.  Students requiring more intensive specialized instruction can participate in a pull-out model for reading, language arts and/or math. These classes are grouped by grade level and /or IEP needs and taught by regular and/or special education teachers ensuring HQT. The instruction can be small group and/or individualized based upon student need. Reading, language arts and math curricula focus on basic skill development in the content area and IEP specific goals and objectives.

A looping case management model is in place grades 6-8.  Special education teachers service the inclusionary program for students with disabilities.  Team based case managers loop with the students as they matriculate through LMS, as well as, collaborate with regular education teachers on team. Directed studies facilitated by the case managers offers an alternative classroom environment throughout the day for students requiring additional support, re-teaching or directed study opportunities.  We continue to have a dedicated special education teacher for intensive math instruction and language arts and reading.  

Special Education Teachers

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