Anytime/Thinking of You Candy Gram

Anytime/Thinking of You
Candy Gram

Is there someone you know that is down?  Needs a little cheering up?  Having a testing coming up?  Or, just because?

How about sending them an Anytime/Thinking of You Candy Gram?

For just $5, you decide between one of two Anytime/Thinking of You Gram Cards (example of each is below):

Choice one:
Thinking of You - FrontThinking of You - Girl - Inside

Choice two:
Thinking of You - Girl - FrontThinking of You - Dog - Inside

- Candy Bar (Choice of):
  + Hershey
  + Kit Kat
  + Nestle Crunch
  + Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
  + Skittles
  + Snickers


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