Londonderry Middle School

The "Eye on the Storm" is a website that features exemplary student work to illustrate what is learned through the middle school years. Students are recognized for their considerable effort in applying skills and content knowledge in their assignments. It is our hope that students will be excited and proud to have their work published and seen by peers and family. With a mentoring teacher, student consent, and parent permission, work can be selected to appear in this forum.

Middle School Updates

7th and 8th Grade Music Selections

Here are the music alternative course selection descriptions

8th Grade (current 7th graders)

7th Grade (Current 6th graders)

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Box Tops for Education

We are continuing to collect box tops.  The next turn-in date is in November.  If you have any Box Tops, please send them and/or remember to scan your receipts using the Box Tops app.  Thanks for your continued support of this program.