School Philosophy

As a public school, it is essential to recognize and accept all students as unique individuals in terms of needs, interests, and abilities; and to effect, in cooperation with parents or guardians, positive changes in their intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development.

It is the responsibility of Londonderry Middle School to provide an atmosphere which fosters the creative spirit, encourages positive self-esteem, increases self-confidence, and creates opportunities for decision-making by its students while providing for the development of basic skills and awareness of personal needs and potentials.

In recognizing the rapid and profound physical changes in the early adolescent student, it is imperative that the curriculum offer adequate opportunities, which will enable students to be aware of the health issues which are vital to a healthy lifestyle.

While students should be exposed to a variety of teaching methods, which address diverse learning styles, it is essential that they develop skills in a learning by doing, cooperative approach. Furthermore, it is necessary that students be made aware of and exposed to acceptance of responsibility, tolerance, change, effective citizenship, and acceptable social qualities.

It is also understood that learning is a lifelong process, which is not limited to school experiences. A primary purpose of the school is to provide students with the skills and attitudes necessary to actively participate in their own education and which will foster constant learning throughout their lives.

The school is an integral part if the community. It is vital that there exist an active, voluntary, and cooperative effort among staff, parents, students and the community. The lines of communication must stay open to assure the coordination of mutual efforts to help students achieve future success.

School Objectives

Londonderry Middle School Profile

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