Grade 6
Computer Science classes focuses on basic coding using a text based modified javascript program called Bitsbox. Students practice diagramming and annotating their code. They also explore a variety of jobs available in the field. They learn what makes a computer a computer. They are introduced to what is an ip address and and what packets are. Additionally, they will use Google-Sketch Up which allows them to draw in 3D.

Grade 7
In 7th grade, students are introduced to a variety of fields in Computer Science. Students will be engaged in an accelerated six-week course. They learn what makes a computer a computer. A variety of topics will enable students to be well prepared to navigate the digital world.  Additionally, they will explore the field of robotics, drawing on their prior coding skills.

Grade 8

In 8th grade, students can choose to take a creative technology and media class or a Technology Education class that focuses on computer drafting and using power tools to create woodworking projects.

Technology Teachers

Mrs. Rogers: 6th Grade Computer Science 

Class website

Mr. Bouchard: 6th Grade Computer Science 

Mr. Hill: 8th Grade Technology Education 

Mrs. Roy : 8th Grade Creative Technology and Media