Sixth grade health is all about learning how different choices impact our health and well-being. Throughout health class we will be getting lots of hands-on practice with a variety of health-enhancing behaviors! We will also work on our health-literacy skills. A health-literate person is someone who can gather and apply (use) their health knowledge and skills in order to keep themselves and others healthy.

In seventh grade health class, we take the concepts learned from the previous year, and apply them to our lives today.  We will explore the topic of nutrition and seek to understand what a healthy diet looks like.  We will gain experience setting goals, practice first-aid, and learn about tobacco and other illegal drugs throughout our twelve week course.  

The theme of 8th grade health class is “What will your life story be?”.  As we learn about different areas of content we continually reflect on how every decision made is a part of their life story as they are the authors.  Health in the 8th grade is a required course specifically designed for students at LMS and will provide the opportunity to learn how to make healthy choices to live a better and longer life.

Health Teachers

 Mrs. Logan: Grade 6 

 Mr. Gualtieri: Grade 7 

 Mrs. Detellis: Grade 8