Welcome to the Hurricane Team!

The 7th grade teams are on the first floor in the back part of the building and we are the first pod on the right. You’ll be studying many fascinating topics this year. In Science you will learn about ecology, astronomy, and Earth science. In Math you will learn about percentages, ratios, proportions, integers, and the basics of Algebra. In Geography, you’ll be learning about the physical and human geography of the Eastern hemisphere. In English you will be working to improve your reading and writing skills using many styles of writing including poetry. You will be reading many interesting books as a class in Reading as well as independent reading books. We’re looking forward to an exciting school year.

Hurricane Teachers

Mrs. Brooks: Geography 

Ms. Yakey: English 

Mrs. Wallace: Math 

Mr. Burkhardt: Science 

Mrs. Rogers: Computers 

Mr. Stumpf: Art 

Mr. Gualtieri: Health 

Mrs. Jean: Case Manager