Welcome to the Twister Team!

Welcome to the Twister Team! We have a fun, adventurous journey ahead of us! Now that you are here at the Middle School, it is the perfect time to take the wheel as the driver of your education. Here on the Twister Team, we will supply you with strategies and tips on how to be the best driver you can be. We will hold you to high expectations and will reward you for driving yourself appropriately to the finish line. If you should get lost along the way or stray from the rules of the road, we teachers, along with your parents, are here to be your safety net while the consequences are small but the lessons learned invaluable.

Twister Teachers:

Mrs. Faller: Social Studies 

Mrs. Kemp: English 

Ms. Williams: Math 

Ms. Hewson: Science                                                                                

Ms. Paradise: Case Manager